Jean Dominique Denis is one of the rare wood turners living in France that exercise their vocation as artist and craftsman.
His works, objects of perpetual research, bring together technical skill, wood turning and the inspiration of a man open to all experiences.
Forms, colours and materials flow together in subtle blends that donít leave you insensible.
Discover his exhibition, the courses that he proposes, his working methods..his passion !

Born in Montmartre in 1950, Jean Dominique moved south about 15 years ago, to the last foothills of the Massif Central.
Since 1978, he has followed his vocation as a wood turner, artist and dreamer to produce along the years forms and volumes.
Watching him in his workshop, seeing the work take form, is for him, and us, an intense moment, unique and unforgettable.
His inspiration constantly renewed, takes us to the very bottom of our inner selves, into the buried depths of an original need, re- emerging again into our lives, into contemporary art...

Jean-Dominique Denis - Le Haut Montachard - Les Salelles - 07140 Les Vans - Tel/Fax : 33 (0)6 95 12 83 31- -